Brochure Portfolio

The franchise sales brochure is your most important sales piece. This piece will not only serve to excite your prospective franchisee, but will also help you to establish your credibility with those influencers (relatives, attorneys, bankers, accountants, and friends) who are often the difference between making or losing a sale.

When the iFranchise Group develops a franchise sales brochure, we typically design it for several audiences:

  • To show to serious franchise prospects
  • To show to “influencers” (friends, family, etc.)
  • To show to advisors (bankers, lawyers, accountants, etc.)
  • To show to landlords
  • To show to suppliers

Shown below are several recent examples of these brochures. In some instances, we have also developed mini-brochures. The size of these brochures allows them to be produced economically, making them ideal for use in operating units, trade shows, and direct mail advertising. Where appropriate, the use of these brochures will save the franchisor a significant amount of money and, by using them in operating units, you can turn existing operations into lead generators.

101 Mobility (consumer services)
101 Mobility Mini-Brochure (consumer services)
Alphagraphics (printing services)
America’s Cutting Edge (real estate appraisal)
America’s Cutting Edge Mini-Brochure
ATIR Natural Nail Clinic (personal services)
Big Mike’s Subs (foodservice)
BuildingStars (janitorial)
Buttercup Bake Shop (foodservice)
Burger Hut (foodservice)
Brother Jimmy’s (foodservice)
Cosi (foodservice)
Doctors Express (medical services)
Doctors Express Mini-Brochure (medical services)
Fannie May Fine Chocolates (retail/foodservice)
Fannie May Fine Chocolates Mini-Brochure (retail/foodservice)
Florsheim (retail)
How Do You Roll? (foodservice)
HoneyBaked Ham (foodservice/retail)
i9 Sports (consumer service)
Lantis (fireworks)
McAlister’s Deli (foodservice)
Melt Gelato Italiano (foodservice) – main brochure
Melt Gelato Italiano – mini brochure
Oberweis Dairy and Ice Cream Store – main brochure (foodservice)
Parrot Pizza (foodservice)
Payday Express (consumer service)
ProShred (business services)
Senior Helpers (consumer service)
Senior Helpers Mini-Brochure (consumer services)
Sky Zone (consumer service/entertainment)
Sky Zone Mini-Brochure (consumer service/entertainment)
The Fun Ones (consumer services)
The Grape Mini-Brochure
Tunes (retail)
TV America
Uni.K.Wax Center (personal services)
Welcomemat Services (consumer service)
Welcomemat Services Mini-Brochure (consumer service)
WindowPros (consumer service)
Windura (showroom sales)