Strategic Alliance

The iFranchise Group and Edwards Global Services (EGS) have joined forces to help assess the readiness of non-U.S. companies seeking U.S. market entry and to assist U.S. franchisors in their expansion efforts abroad.

About iFranchise Group: iFranchise Group (, is a leading franchise consulting firm that offers the skills of the nation’s top professionals in franchise strategic planning, operations training and documentation, franchise marketing and sales, advertising fund management, franchise recruitment, and development of Internet-based applications for emerging and established franchise companies worldwide. Since its inception in 1998, iFranchise Group has dedicated its efforts to establishing long-term, strategic relationships with franchisors, both new and established, and other companies seeking consultative guidance with business expansion strategies. With a staff of franchise consultants with a combined 450+ years of experience in franchise development and implementation, iFranchise Group has worked with over 30 Fortune 2000 companies and with 98 of the world’s top 200 franchisors as rated by Franchise Times magazine. Clients include companies from the United States, Canada, as well as dozens of countries in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

About EGS: EGS (, helps companies take their businesses international, through franchising as well as acquisitions, licensing, joint ventures, partnerships and distributorships. The firm specializes in helping both publicly traded and private companies find suitable and profitable international markets to thrive in. EGS provides both young growing companies and mature billion dollar companies with the tools to help them grow their businesses around the world. The firm’s experienced team of principals has over 100 years of combined experience in identifying and implementing international business development projects. With 35 global associates located in 30 countries, EGS can help companies find the most cost effective and efficient resources in each country, making international transition smooth and profitable.

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