Fahim Khan

Fahim KhanFranchise Senior Consultant
iFranchise Group Menat

With overall management experience of 12 years mainly in F&B and Retail, Khan is familiar with the day-to-day operations and strategic growth of businesses within these two industries and others. Khan has been consulting to well-known brands within the Middle East and beyond, since 2012 and has worked with some of the most successful brands including Nissan Motors (KSA), ASICS (UAE), ENOC (UAE), The Toy Store (UAE), ProVita (UAE), DXL (KSA), 19th Century Burger (KSA), Sports Corner (Qatar), Rice to Riches (Kuwait), Le Gourmet Burger (Lebanon), Gravity Calisthenics Gym (UAE), Kahve Dünyasi (Turkey) and Cosmetology (UAE) to name a few. During the 5 years in consulting, Khan has worked on strategic growth of brand from several industries including Retail, F&B, Education, Distribution, Medical and Sports etc.

Prior to joining team in Dubai, Khan has worked in several operational management roles at different management levels including operational manager in 2005 for then rising bagel brand Oi!Bagel and manager for McDonald’s Restaurants in London. In 2002, Khan was part of the training team that implemented the touch screen technology for the POS system of McDonald’s in London. In his operational roles, Khan has worked on and develop several training programs for front of house and back of house operations. Immediately before joining the team in Dubai, Khan also worked as a program manager in London for the biggest MBA provider in Europe, the London School of Commerce. Khan was in charge of strategic planning of the course and its logistics that was being delivered in seven different countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.

In addition to his working experience, Khan also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (with Distinction) from the University of East London of London, England, UK and Master’s in Business Administration from the Cardiff Metropolitan University of Cardiff, Wales, UK. Strategic Management, Financial Feasibility Study, Brand Identity Management, and Project Management are some of the key expertise that has helped Khan develop a prominent role in the franchising world.