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iFranchise Group Menat Difference — Our Consultants

Founded on the principle that great people make great companies, the iFranchise Group Menat brings decades of diverse franchise consulting experience to every engagement. Every aspect of every engagement is personally headed by a professional with at least a decade of relevant experience — not farmed out to a rookie who will be learning at your expense (and perhaps at your peril). Virtually all of our senior franchise consultants have either worked for significant franchise companies and/or sold franchises — real-world experience — so they know what it’s like in the trenches.

The following biographies reflect the experience of our Senior Franchise Consultants and our alliance partners — each of whom brings at least a decade or more of relevant experience to your project. Information on staff consultants is available upon request.

Biographies by Area of Expertise

Strategic and Business Planning

Mohamed Charafeddine
Mohamed Charafeddine – Chief Executive Officer
Franchise Feasibility, Conversion of Dealers to Franchises, Strategic Planning, and International Development
Ziad Kaddoura
Ziad Kaddoura – President
Strategic Planning for Aggressive Growth Franchisors, Conversion of Dealers, Franchise Feasibility, and International Development

Mohamed Atwa
Mohamed A. Atwa – Franchise Senior Consultant
International Development, Restaurant Operations and Management
Fahim Khan
Fahim Khan – Franchise Senior Consultant
Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis and Operations Management
Joey Ghazal
Joey Ghazal – Franchise Senior Consultant
International Development, Food and Beverages Operations and Management

Renato Nicdao
Renato Nicdao – Research Analyst
Strategic Planning, Franchise Feasibility, Research, and Financial Analysis
Khawer Saeed
Khawer Saeed – Retail F&B Consultant
Strategic Planning, Analysis of Dealer Networks and Franchisee Support Programs

Independent and expert legal representation is vital to you in the design and implementation of your franchise program. With this in mind, the iFranchise Group Menat will assist you in the process of choosing franchise counsel, which should be one of the first steps you will take. We are happy to provide you with referrals to qualified attorneys, regardless of whether you choose to work with the iFranchise Group.

The iFranchise Group Menat has formed strategic relationships with the nation’s premier franchise law firms.

The franchise attorneys that we recommend have devoted their careers to franchising, and will have at least 15 to 20 years of experience in franchising and franchise law.The iFranchise Group Menat coordinates all activities of its members with outside counsel to provide you with a seamless approach to the development of your franchise program, but does not participate in legal fees collected by outside counsel, allowing us to be objective in our recommendations of counsel.