Mohamed Atwa

Mohamed AtwaFranchise Senior Consultant
iFranchise Group Menat

Mohamed Atwa has over thirty years’ of experience with McDonald’s corporation starting in the U.S.A. He worked in Houston region in the field of the restaurant operations as operation consultant with the company owned restaurants. Being a business consultant for 12 owner operators, Mohamed was also the winner of President Award in 1990.

In 1991, Mohamed moved to the international side of the business to be a part of the company’s opening team for the Middle East countries as training and operation manager headed by Jim Skinner, CEO at the time. Mohamed was residing in Manila, Philippines for almost two years working on recruitment and training of 260 management teams and over 800 crew to start up the business in the Gulf countries and training 60 Egyptian managers and was recognized by the corporation by winning the President Award for the second time breaking the record of being the first employee to win this prestigious award twice.

Mohamed was the lead operations person in all countries opening the Gulf countries, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus and South Africa. Mohamed also helped in the planning of India and Pakistan openings. In 1993, his team opened a remote office in Dubai, U.A.E. and worked as a regional operation and training manager liaising with 18 countries helping to establish departments in every country with the goal of helping each country to be self-sufficient in a period of 2 years.

Mohamed also established the first remote Hamburger University (Fred Turner) in the zone as Dean and establishing the staff of facilitators from the Developmental licensee’s staff to deliver the McDonald’s training Curriculum for the 18 countries.

Mohamed was promoted to Senior Director in 2011 and was involved with Real Estate and finance department helping the countries through their 3-1-Q planning and achieving the corporation sales targets. Mohamed was Senior Director of Operations and Training in the Middle East and Africa serving 18 countries in the field of Training, Learning and Development and 9 countries in the operations field. Mohamed was also responsible of new products and menu management.